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Pat 115 Heavy Weight Black Cotton Twill

Avg Rating: 5
Karol H says:

Excellent quality! Very happy with my purchase!

Paula P
Kate G says:

Perfect weight! Great product 

Meegan B says:

Great product! Shipped fast and great quality!

Gail M says:

Thank you for a great product and for sending it so quickly. 


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This is a heavy weight twill tape. The thickness ranges from 0.030" to 0.033".

 Not sure what 'weight' of Cotton Twill to buy?  Request a sample of all three weights via our Contact Request at no charge. See Details

 *Please be advised, the 3" has a finish applied to it that gives it a slightly stiff texture.*


Starting at $13.00 per roll

Item #: T115B

Out of Stock

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Discounts (total yards of combined ribbon pattern ordered)
2,000 to 4,999


made in the usa

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