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hot cut ribbon
  Satin and Grosgrain
Lengths from 3" to 62"
Choice of five cut styles
Angle Cut angle cut
Straight Cut straight cut
Straight Angle Cut straight angle cut
Reverse Angle Cut reverse angle cut
V Cut v cut
Cuttable Ribbons will be listed here after they are added to your shopping cart.

Note: Actual yield of hot cut pieces/spool may differ up to 5% due to the nature of the machine cutting process.

We do allow fractions of inches to be hot cut. If you want a cut using fraction of inches, include a note in the 'hot cutting box' during checkout or call to place your order.

Hot cut orders typically add at least one day to processing time. Be aware that express orders that include hot cutting may be delayed one day to allow for the cutting.

{"":"Choose...","angle":"Angle cut","straight":"Straight Cut","straight-angle":"Straight Angle Cut","reverse-angle":"Reverse Angle Cut","vcut":"V Cut"}


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(You may include cutting instructions during check-out. Appropriate costs will be applied during processing.)

Ribbon ends are heat fused, which eliminates fraying.

Reverse Angle Cuts are ideal for tying bows. The tails are a mirror image for a professional finish.

V Cuts have a maximum length of 34", and the yield is slightly reduced as there is some waste making the cut.
Example: 100 yards cut into 1 yard strips yields approximately 90 pieces, not 100.

We will cut the ribbon you purchase or any ribbon that you send to us, as long as the ribbon does not contain wire and is not made from cotton.

measured v cut

measured straight angle cut

measured angle cut

measured reverse angle cut

Price per Cut Piece
Over 500 pieces of ribbon purchased 2 cents
Under 500 pieces of ribbon purchased 4 cents
Ribbon you send to us over 500 pieces 5 cents
Ribbon you send to us under 500 pieces 7 cents
$20 Minimum Required
All hot cut orders are final

Entire rolls of ribbon must be cut at one length and style. Partial rolls of ribbon cannot be cut.

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